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about StoryCraft Studios

We are StoryCraft Studios. A digital agency full of horse riders, guitar players, paintballers, kayakers, and dog lovers. But most importantly we are storytellers. We are storytellers who have taken our skills to the web where we craft impactful video content for brands. We take business goals and turn them into big ideas and distill those down into creative executions that mean something to your viewers.

We pride ourselves on great ideas, but we are a fully operational content production house capable of photography, video, and motion graphics. And we want to work towards creating video content that goes beyond just one channel or expectation.

Our goal is to ultimately help brands spread their story through video. We want to bring brand championing and video marketing together to reach consumers with genuine messaging that drives sales.

our story

StoryCraft Studios was sparked from the shifting interaction between brands and consumers. One way communication is dead. Brands can no longer talk “at” their customers. The brand experience is holistic across mobile, desktop, outdoor, in-store, etc. It is all one big conversation. We jumped into this industry to help brands produce video content that touches a wide range of consumers. So we started this company to help brands build their fan base and communicate their story in a world where traditional advertising is being ignored. Here at StoryCraft Studios we have built a team that is honestly passionate about creating video content that connects people, products and ideas together. As storytellers, we are excited to share our story with the world. We would love to exchange stories and hopefully get to share your story with the world. We believe that to have a good business relationship knowing us is as important as knowing you.

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StoryCraft Studios office and studio is located in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. A city known for its progressive thinking and hip community and it is the perfect location for creative innovation. Austin is a melting pot for visionary writers, producers, directors, and we are among the best. Our mission at StoryCraft Studios is to grow your visibility in this new generation of interactive branding. We want to bring your story to life with big ideas and creative execution. StoryCraft Studiosis a content marketing agency that knows how to create in this digital age. We pride ourselves on our hard work and ability to craft impactful video content. We know some creative shops get pegged as having egos and attitudes, but here at StoryCraft Studios we’ve built our company culture around being the easiest creative agency to work with. Feel free to reach out to us for any information. contact us