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How One Pet Retailer is Dominating the Space with Video Content

Posted on: June 21, 2016
By: Charlie Rall

To say our pets are important to us is an understatement. Dogs, cats and every other critter we keep, often mean as much to us as any other member of our family. Because we want the best for our four-legged friends we try to care for them the best we can and that’s why, for Pawstruck, business is booming.

Pawstruck, an all-natural pet treat retailer, approached StoryCraft because they knew that pet products were no longer a niche market and in order to compete with the big dog brands, they needed something extra. They needed help creating authentic product videos that get the results.

Authentic Video Inspires Conversion

Pawstruck puts a lot of effort into finding the best quality ingredients for their products. They focus on quality and customer care and they extend this attention to detail in their marketing. From photography to copy to video, Pawstruck knows that content is the key for building a brand.

A big part of building a successful business starts with customer education. As a small business and niche retailer, Pawstruck competes in the same market as Petco and other well-known big brands. As such, one of the biggest challenges they face is convincing a large audience to care about buying healthier options for their dogs just as much as they care about providing them.

CEO and founder, Kyle Goguen set out to make healthier treats for his best friend after becoming fed up with dog food made from artificial ingredients. After failing to find treats and meals that were healthy and affordable, Kyle took matters into his own hands and started making his own treats, chews and food.

Pawstruck used this idea to create inspired and authentic content. By making authentic content, they were able to help instill the benefits and values needed to educate and shift shopping attitudes and behaviors.

Their Strategy

Pawstruck specializes in treats, chews, food and bully sticks for dogs. In fact, they have hundreds of varieties, but as you can imagine, covering that many products would be tough on any brand. So in order to give their audience the best taste, they chose to showcase the top sellers and the products that had the most variation highlighting size, texture, and quality.

After defining their scope, Pawstruck cast real dogs with real quirks to help match the tone of the brand and show which treats work best for which sized dog. True to their word, the dogs loved all the treats so it was easy to get them to chow down on set. According to Goguen, “Visual testimonials show just how great our products are and customers can see just how much their dogs are going to like everything.”

Pawstruck implemented the videos using Wistia at the category levels so that when a customer clicks on a treat category they are immediately directed to a video that covers those products. As they dive deeper into the product pages, they are greeted with even more specific product videos. This was done so that customers could get a well-rounded content experience and never feel a lack of information.

The Results

After implementing the new videos, over the course of two months, Pawstruck experienced:

The numbers above show a significant boost in sales. While they are not the sole reason for an uptick in sales, they certainly show that Pawstruck is getting their brand out there and their audience is not only listening, but purchasing as well.

Content and customer education is important to Pawstruck because according to Goguen, “We spend the time to source and craft products with the best ingredients so we needed a way to show that to our customers prior to purchasing. Photos and product copy can only do so much. Having a visual video representation of our products is what truly sets ourselves apart from the competition and helps to educate our customers. Our customers feel comfortable shopping with us after watching our videos because they are shown exactly what they are buying for their dog(s).”

The numbers show that their philosophy for providing their customers with the highest quality treats combined with creating useful and authentic video content has certainly helped them reach their conversion goals.

When asked how he felt about his experience working with StoryCraft, Goguen appreciated our open communication and speed throughout the whole project and process. “I would recommend StoryCraft to any eCommerce business that is lacking product videos. I wanted videos for over 2 years and never thought it was going to be affordable or possible. Many store owners see video as something that requires a ton of capital. That’s no longer the case and there’s no excuse not to have video!”

We love working with pet companies. If you’re interested in creating effective eCommerce videos for your eCommerce brand, feel free to drop us a line at


About The Author:

Charlie Rall is the Co-Founder and Head Producer of StoryCraft

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