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4 Ways Wistia Rocks Video Hosting

Posted on: March 1, 2016
By: Charlie Rall

We have big news, people. We’re Wistia Agency Partners now.

What’s Wistia? Wistia is a super cool video platform built for businesses so they can do more with their video content online.

What’s a Wistia Agency Partner? Agency Partners are a community of video marketing agencies that can share resources to help make a bigger impact for their clients. Partners work closely with Wistia to get the ins and outs of the platform and ultimately improve its functionality and reach.

We love working with Wistia and empowering our clients with the tools that just aren’t available in other video platforms. So since we are so psyched to be a part of the program, here are 4 ways you can use Wistia to do more with your video content:

1. Collect Customer Emails

If you’re in marketing, especially eCommerce, then you already know the value of a potential customer’s email. It’s like a little, digital gold nugget. Shoppers are as untrusting with their data as ever before now so collecting warm email leads can be a challenge. Perhaps the best place to do it is where shoppers are most engaged – in video. Wistia lets you ask for customer email addresses anywhere in a video with their Turnstile email collector. You can even integrate it with your favorite marketing automation tools like Mail Chimp, HubSpot, etc. So keep that email campaign game strong!

2. Get Deeper Customer Insight

Wistia shows you engagement history on a timeline so you can see where viewers were paying attention, skipping ahead, or just clicking out of your video. Plus you can see who is watching your content down to the individual. Other platforms will show you demographic and region. With Wistia’s integration to Clearbit you can see an individual’s picture, play count, location, and any other public information. That way you can be super strategic with what kind of content you’re running and who it is affecting.

3. Improve SEO

You think video SEO and you immediately think YouTube, right? Well, you’re not wrong. YouTube owns the video SEO game and drives an immense amount of traffic, but that’s just its problem. YouTube videos drive SEO value for YouTube videos, not necessarily for your site. In eCommerce your end game is driving traffic to that product page and getting shoppers to click “Buy”. The Wistia player embeds only where you place it so it is only driving SEO value there. The player and its metadata load in the background of a webpage, unlike YouTube iframes. So it loads incredibly fast, which is rewarded by Google too. And no need for site mapping the video either. Boom.

4. Make it sexy

If content is king then good design is his queen. It is so important to keep your website’s design strong and consistent so you don’t want a clunky iframed video player messing that up. Wistia lets you fully customize your video player so it seamlessly integrates into the existing user experience. You can hide or show buttons, add a logo watermark, change player feature colors, add social media buttons, and more. It loads fast, it’s super sleek, and it’s just downright sexy.

In conclusion, Wistia’s video player rocks. They are also a cool company with a ton of resources and data on why video is great for eCommerce and building customer loyalty. Of course, you only need a video player if you have killer video content to play on it. That’s where we come in. Let’s chat about how StoryCraft can work with your brand (and Wistia) to deliver an amazing experience for your customers online through video.


About The Author:

Charlie Rall is the Co-Founder and Head Producer of StoryCraft

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