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Mattersight provides behavioral analysis and QA SaaS products to improve the customer service experience for call centers and customer service teams worldwide. They are a publicly traded company working with organizations across the Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology, and Telco industries.

Agency: StoryCraft
Customer: Mattersight
Producer: Eric Winchester
DIrector: Charlie Rall
Editor: Ali Nidzgorski

The Challenge

Mattersight makes a suite of SaaS products aimed at improving customer interactions for enterprise brands. They pair consumer data from millions of phone calls with cutting edge personality studies to match consumers with the call center agents they will jive with best. They essentially make the call center experience “suck less”. Mattersight was relaunching their brand for a major outbound marketing initiative to tackle new verticals and needed help explaining their services in a simple, succinct way. Sales and customer outreach teams were struggling with conveying the full weight of Mattersight’s value to big brands in the short windows of time they had to make an introduction. Mattersight needed a new tool that could quickly educate potential clients and draw them into the warmth of the brand.

The Solution


What better way to communicate a humanizing service than to tell the story from the perspective of the humans that created it? We worked with Mattersight to craft a series of videos telling the story of their brand, and showing the benefits and big concepts tackled with each product offering.

Our team also helped develop training videos for Mattersight’s latest solution, Work Styles. As part of their service of pairing customer calls with matching call center agent personalities, the training series helps organizations identify each customer service professionals’ preferred work style. Mattersight is out to change the way people communicate with each other at work. Imagine meeting a new team member and having a personality badge stamped above their head. You’d know exactly what they like and dislike. You’d know a curt email might not mean something passive aggressive, but is just that person’s preferred method of communication. Making that shift in the workplace takes some training and that’s exactly what we set out to do with Mattersight.

As part of our continued partnership with Mattersight we also provide event marketing and onsite support for Call to Loyalty, Mattersight’s first annual customer experience conference. Mattersight brought together the biggest leaders in enterprise customer service for a conference on changing the way people communicate on the front lines of major brands: the call center. We were front and center for the whole thing to document the event and build a library of content to pull from for promotions and educational resources over the next year.

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